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If you're not on every device, we gonna help you reach this goal! Wise Studio makes it easy to launch and manage unique experiences across all OTT platforms. We cover iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS, Fire TV, Samsung, Xbox, Ericsson, Xumo and Vewd, so basically we do all that you have ever needed.

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optimized to maximize viewership growth, marketing momentum, and sales conversion. Our CTV apps have built relationships with nearly all providers, which means we aren't bound to one or just a few apps. This allows us to give you the most diverse and best access to quality impressions, every single time. Through our apps, we can deliver the best content you've ever needed.

Remove the guesswork that's traditionally been overwhelmed into a TV buy by utilizing digital data segments.

need to get started quickly on CTV platforms?

Choose us! We will create and launch your television applications faster than anyone, on all your desired platforms:

  • Roku
  • Android TV
    Android TV
  • Fire TV
    Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
    Samsung Smart TV
  • Apple TV
    Apple TV
  • Game consoles
    Game consoles

our app list

We have developed a number of CTV / OTT applications harnessed with alluring quality content. Our apps attract highly engaged worldwide audiences that are ready to be monetized with your merchandise and services.

Explore the list and pick the perfect fit for your video ad campaigns:

for content owners

Do you have your own content that you want to share?! Video distribution with on-demand video content or live-streams: we’ll make sure that you reach your audiences through all popular CTV/OTT platforms, with no marketing expenses.

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